National Appointees

Name Role
Aisha Hilliard National Team Member, Amicae Auxiliary
Roslyn Hannibal-Booker National Chief of Staff
Shantia Fitzgerald National Executive Assistant
Betsy Simon National Co-Director Elder Care
Angie Fitch National History Team
Charbet Duckett National Director of Internal Audit
Jalene Chase National Director of Interdenominational and Ecumenical
Teraleen Campbell Interdenominational and Ecumenical Team
Corisa Myers International Women of Color Team
Willa Watson Myrtle and Viola Tyler Legacy Team
Raina Groover National Director of Medical ERT
Kim Beverly National Mental Health Team
Donna Edwards National Education Foundation
Jacqueline McNair National Director Online Record Management
Teraleen Campbell National Marketing Team
Jannina Bryan National Centennial Project Manager Team/Director Project Manager Technical Team
Karen Parham National Recommendations Team
Jessica Jones Resident Agent District of Columbia
Nicole Butler National Director Social Action
Josalyn Bryant National Social Media Team
Courtney Sowah Social Media Team
Ashley Spence National Stork’s Nest Instructional Designer
Virginia Roberts National Youth Coordinator Team
Corisa Myers National Z-HOPE™ Team
Gwenneth Corujo National Z-HOPE™ Team
Cheryl Raigns Brown ZOL Consultant
E. Fran Johnson ZOL Consultant
Neva Wilkins-Brown ZOL E-Learning Team
Erin Cribbs ZOL Leadership Development Team

Regional Appointees

Name Role
Aisha N. Hilliard, Esq. Amicae Coordinator
LaTonya Wesley Ward Autism Awareness
Sonia Williams Awards
Charbet Duckett Budget and Finance
Lacontiss Briscoe Choir Directors
Christina Jacobs Dove Lounge Team Coordinator
Erin Cribbs Election Chair
Rosemary Ford Emergency Response & Security Team
Rachelle Adams Rachelle Adams
Tahira Murphy Life Members Co-Coordinator
Wanda Calvin-Claiborne Meeting Planner
Clevette M. Lee, Esq MIP Review and Revision
Krystal R. Brown NEF Liaison
Lisa Turner Photographer
Victoria Davis Protocol Team
Lisa Simpson-Smith Public Relations
Alexus Harris Regional Technology Liaisons
Dottery Butler-Washington Representative to the National Demographics Team
Sharae Sharp Rituals & Ceremonies Coordinator
Gwenneth Corujo St. Jude Liaison
Cynthia Knight SOP Coordinator
Nicole Hart Vendor Team
Gwenneth Corujo Z-HOPETM Team
Corisa Myers Z-HOPETM Team