As the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we are preparing for the 2022 Maryland State Leadership Conference (MSLC) to be held in-person as we follow numerous safety protocols and guidelines.  As of now, we are moving forward with all plans to ensure your safety.   We are also working closely  with the Marriott Hotel to create protocols for health screenings, social distancing and sanitation to protect all attendees.   

Should the current federal, state, local or sorority mandates and protocols change and prevent in-person meetings, we are fully prepared to switch to a virtual conference.  The determination of whether we will transition to a virtual conference will be made when we can ensure that the state will not incur any cancellation fees.  If it is decided to host a virtual conference, all conference registrants will:

  1. Be transitioned to the registration roll for the virtual conference; and,
  2. Receive a refund between the cost of in-person registration to virtual registration.


The fees for virtual registration are set below:

  • Graduate – $125.00
  • Zeta Dove – $100.00
  • Undergraduate – $100.00

All virtual business sessions and workshops will commence during the same dates and times set for the in-person conference.  Additional information will be provided.